Balance Sheet Summary Graphs

Balance Dollars and BoardsTables are helpful and useful for organizing and presenting data.  However, nothing shows it better than a graph.  BizBench Reports includes graphic representation of the data to complement the table reports to give full understanding of the analysis.

The Balance Sheet data is represented in the report in two graphs.  One represents the Asset components of the Balance Sheet, while the  other graph represents the Liability and Equity components.  Graphed against industry standards in each category, you or your client can easily visualize exactly where the business stands.  Again, balance sheet data have been converted to percentage of Total Assets as a more consistent benchmark of performance against industry standards.

Imagine how powerful your presentation can be as you review these graphs with your client, or with your management team for your own business!   What do these charts tell you about City Cycle?  What could they tell you about your client’s company or your own?

Balance Sheet Asset Comparison Graph

Balance Sheet Liability Comparison Graph

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