BizBench Features and Benefits

Look at All That BizBench Provides You!

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Benchmarks client ratios against the powerful database that we’ve generated over more than a decade of working with companies
  • Generates comprehensive analysis reports and easy-to-understand benchmarking reports
  • Generates 20 important financing, operating, efficiency, profitability, and liquidity ratios
  • Provides Executive Summaries that outline a business’s strengths and weaknesses, rank them by industry averages, and detail talking points for discussion
  • Includes the ability to set your own acceptable variances (or use the software’s default of 25%)
  • Identifies performance gaps and generates multiple solutions
  • Runs scenarios to plan future operations
  • Includes templates for a variety of accounting-related letters and compilation and review reports
  • Features the ability to add your business branding to BizBench reports
  • Stores documents by individual clients, including user-prepared files
  • Automatically imports firm, preparer, and client information into forms
  • And much more…

You Are Never Alone with Universal Support

uacUniversal Accounting Center (UAC) has always recognized the value of providing businesses with this crucial financial and business performance data. That’s why, we purchased BizBench software in 2012, and as past users of BizBench, updated the software with a new look and streamlined functionality particularly tuned to the needs of the USER and from a USER’s perspective. Universal has since made the software available online to financial professionals, business consultants, and business owners to help them ensure greater success.

In addition to providing online access to BizBench software, Universal also provides training to business owners and financial professionals to ensure all users can optimize BizBench’s features and functionality.  As long time USERS and former customers of BizBench ourselves, we have the real world perspective to give you practical and timely help, support and coaching.

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