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If you or your clients / employer had a successful year last year, you may already qualify for the BizBench Top 10% Award for Overall Business Performance. Even if you don’t qualify yet, just by applying you’ll know exactly where you stand by percentile in your industry.

Complete this application request form and you will receive a link to an official secure online application through DocuSign. We will send your official application link by email as soon as we receive and process your request.

Top 10 Logo Bright ClearThis is available to any business for which a BizBench Report verifies that they are in the top 10% of their industry by NAICS code in Return on Assets (ROA).

Return on Assets (ROA) measures management’s effective use of the entire asset base to generate profit. The ratio is computed by dividing Pre-tax Net Profit by Total Assets, and then expressing that number as a percentage.

ROA is an extremely important ratio where the higher the return, the more effectively all assets are being used to generate profits. The ratio is a good indicator of management’s ability to conduct profitable operations. It is particularly critical for a company’s initial growth phase they have a high return on assets.

ROE (Return on Equity) can obscure a lot of potential problems. If investors are not careful, it can divert attention from business fundamentals and lead to nasty surprises. Companies can resort to financial strategies to artificially maintain a healthy ROE — for a while — and hide deteriorating performance in business fundamentals.

ROA is a better metric of financial performance than income statement profitability measures like return on sales. ROA explicitly takes into account the assets used to support business activities. It determines whether the company is able to generate an adequate return on these assets rather than simply showing robust return on sales.
Harvard Business Review, “The Best Way to Measure Company Performance,” John Hagel III, et al. 2010.

You will need to submit basic income statement and balance sheet data for fiscal or calendar year 2014 to apply. This will be secure and held confidential. This information will be used only to determine qualification for the BizBench Top 10% award.

LifeTime Vibe Top 10 Award Plaque 300If you or your client achieves the award, you will receive:

  • A handsome 9X12 metal on wood BizBench Top 10% Award Plaque (right), with client logo, name, and award specifics.
  • If the accountant is a BizBench user, accountant’s logo is included and accountant receives a duplicate plaque for their “wall of fame.”An official letter of certification from BizBench/Universal Accounting Center.
  • A BizBench Top 10% Award Certificate – suitable for framing.
  • Email press release to media outlets, clients, and other contacts of your choice. (winner provides the email list to us.)
  • Eligibility for other awards coming at our annual BizBench Conference.

LogosThe normal administrative application processing fee of $97 has been reduced to only $47 for BNI Members. Just another benefit of your membership.

Request your official application today. Just fill out the following information and let’s see if you qualify!

Award Lady Top 10

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