How to Make BizBench Pay

Earn tens of thousands each year in additional fees for consulting and new clients. BizBench is a powerful tool to help your clients improve their business performance in every area of their business.  But for only $795 for an annual subscription with UNLIMITED reports for UNLIMITED clients, it is also a powerful tool to increase your income and profitability as you:

  • Maximize your value in the market place by creating a unique value proposition – guiding your clients to the top 10% of their industry.
  • Increase the revenue you can generate from existing clients with added consultation.
  • Attract more new clients to your practice using BizBench as an incentive and marketing tool.
  • Create new revenue from BizBench Reports and consultation as a stand alone product and service.

So how do you make BizBench Reports pay?

Bottom line: RUN THE REPORTS. They will reveal the opportunity!

The report reveals and drives the need.  The need does not drive the report.  If you wait for your clients or prospects  to show interest in the report before they see it, you will be disappointed.  If you show them the report, they will see the need!   Run the reports and you will see exactly where your clients need your help.

The more you use BizBench reports the more profitable it can be.  At our annual subscription rate of $795 for UNLIMITED REPORTS for UNLIMITED CLIENTS, if you do just 3 to 4 reports per month, your cost per report will be less than $20 each.  Just one new client, or one client retained, or one solid consulting engagement will more than pay you back, with all other activity going directly to profitability.  And we are here all year to coach and support you in exactly how to do it.  Plus, the more you use BizBench, the more ways you will discover for yourself how to get paid for it. Limit your reporting, limit your profit.

Look at the opportunity –

  • Increase your income with BizBenchThe average accounting/bookkeeping client is worth $300 to $500 per month.
  • We sell Detailed Reports directly through this web site for $295 each.  What could you charge?
  • Add consulting to the Detailed Report and add hundreds more for a single consultation.
  • Create a long term implementation plan with clients using BizBench and add quarterly follow up consultations with a report for hundreds of dollars in additional revenue each quarter.
  • Do budgets and forecasts with your clients and run them in a BizBench Detailed Scenario Report to show them where they will stand if they hit budget for hundreds of dollars.
  • There is value to doing their books, but how much more valuable is it to guide them into the top 10% of their industry!


OR… let’s just get you started!  Simply enroll in BizBench and start making it pay TODAY!

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