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Attract new consulting and accounting clients and maximize your unique value with BizBenchThe key to attracting new clients is to

With BizBench you can approach them in ways other accountants can’t or won’t, and you can offer them something they can’t do for themselves.

As you approach new or potential clients there are two unique value propositions that BizBench gives you the power to offer:

  1. “I guide my clients into the Top 10% of their industry!   I can show you exactly where you stand and how to get there, and get you awarded for doing so.”
  2. “To introduce you to my unique services, I’d like to offer you a free competitive analysis and complete business assessment to show you exactly where you stand.”

As you offer the business assessment, you may even show them a sample.

When they agree, tell them you need their latest annual financials – income statement and balance sheet to run the report.

  • If they can provide financials, proceed with running the report.  BizBench allows you to either make an appointment and get back with them, or if you have access to the internet, run the report right then and there within minutes – much more impressive!   By getting their financials, you can also determine what their current accounting solution may be and how well it works for them.
  • If they can’t provide their financials, it’s easy now to start the discussion about how you can easily get them up to date and provide the insights they need to make more profitable business decisions.

Present the Summary Report for them.  Show them their weaknesses.  Present the problem.  Outline the options:

  • You can provide the complete report for them without consultation for $195 – $295 (suggested).
  • You can provide them the complete report with a full one-time consultation (1 hour) for $395 – $495 (suggested)
  • You can work with them to produce their financials on a monthly/quarterly basis and consult with them on a regular basis to get them into the Top 10% of their industry and get them awarded for doing so, for a flat monthly fee of…well that’s up to you!

Then confirm and commit.  Get them started on their adventure to the Top 10% of their industry, with you as their adviser and guide.

You present unique value that it’s unlikely they are hearing from any other accountant or consultant.

Find out more about New Client Acquisition Strategies.

Get started today and start presenting your unique value to prospective clients!

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