What Is BizBench?

BizBench Reports benchmark a business against similar businesses in the same NAICS code in 51 key financial metrics using the extensive database of hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout North America.   It organizes, charts, and graphs the data into a meaningful presentation of the analysis, complete with comprehensive recommendations for improvement.  All in seconds after you have entered some basic data from the Income Statement and Balance Sheet.

Business Improvement Cycle 300Used correctly, this comprehensive report can accelerate the Business Improvement Cycle in your own or your client’s business to get to the TOP 10% of the business’ industry in overall business performance!

It’s the simply POWERFUL consulting solution to guide businesses to the top of their specific industry.

There are two versions of the report:

11205744_mThe Detail Report is used by you as your consulting presentation notes and outline and includes all the details and information the report generates plus the added consulting tools, including the Executive Summary, the DuPont Model, the Altman Z-Score Bankruptcy Predictor, the Presentation Notes and Analysis, and the Discussion Ideas (corrective actions).

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10414081_mThe Summary Report is for the client and contains only the Executive Summary,  the Data Comparison Tables and the Data Comparison Graphs.  You may give them the Detail Report, but at least initially it’s best to let them focus on the tables and graphs with you providing the detail.  The detail will make more sense to them after your consultation.

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BizBench Report Content Graphic
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Accountants & Tax Preparers

accountantsBizBench does for consulting on financials what QuickBooks does for producing them – it saves you time and makes you look GOOD! You can even brand and customize the report for your firm and your specific client.

Who better to consult on their financials than the person who prepared them? They already trust you, making consulting easy and profitable. Use BizBench to attract new clients, retain existing clients and increase your revenues. Don’t just report their past – SHAPE THEIR FUTURE, with BizBench! Learn more >>>

Business Consultants

000021574946The language of business is numerical. Most business consultants start with the financials anyway. Provide another layer of understanding of where they are, where they should be, and how to get them there. The competitive industry data will give you added authority in presenting your recommendations. BizBench gives you a quick, powerful and consistent format to provide financial business consulting for your clients. Learn more >>>

Business Executives & Owners

It's a deal!

Find how your business competes in your specific industry. Learn which of your financial measurements need improvement and what to do to improve them. Identify action steps to make your company financially stronger. Be the star – present your report and train your team on where you are and where you should be. BizBench shows how to lead your industry in every key area of your business. Learn more >>>

Purchase BizBench & Save!

BizBench offers you three enrollment options:7252404-660x1024.jpg

  • 1-Year Subscription with unlimited reports for unlimited clients. Perfect for Accountants or Consultants who want the most bang for the buck. Includes support and training with BizBench experts.
  • 1-Month Subscription with unlimited reports for unlimited clients. Includes 30 days support.
  • Single Report – Perfect for business owners or executives who may only need a single report to set their annual benchmarks and chart their course of progress for the year. Includes a consultation with a BizBench expert.Buy Now 300