Why Accountants and Bookkeepers Use BizBench


THREE very important reasons:

9828728_m1. BizBench Makes You Money!

BizBench is a powerful marketing tool to:

  • Attract new clients – Offering BizBench to prospective clients give them an incentive to share their financials, and gives you the opportunity to quickly find out to what extent their accounting is in order. If they can’t provide sufficient financials for the benchmarking report they want, you have an immediate opportunity to help them get their accounting in order.
  • Retain existing clients – Using BizBench you will show your clients that you can do more than just report their past, but you can help them shape their future, as you create short and long term action plans to assure retention and add to your value as a trusted adviser and business consultant.
  • Create a new income stream – Though BizBench makes a great lost leader, or a free added value for exisiting client, you can also offer BizBench reports and consultations as a paid service. You can earn $300 to $500 or more for the report itself, and multiply that by adding the value of your consultation.

2. BizBench Saves You Time!

It only takes a few minutes to enter the income statement and balance sheet data in BizBench.  Submit and BizBench creates a comprehensive Benchmarking and Financial Analysis Report with comprehensive solutions in seconds.  It would take you days to do a similar report yourself, if you had all the data.

3. BizBench Makes You Look GOOD!

7252404BizBench gives you a consistent platform to provide high value consulting and advising. It practically presents itself, but you will learn each time and become more and more knowledgeable and insightful with each consultation. You will become the profit and growth expert your clients need and will pay more for.

Most importantly, your clients benefit from seeing how their business compares to others in the same industry. They benefit from recognizing their weaknesses and knowing what they can do to improve. They benefit from seeing how different business approaches could impact future operations. They benefit from being proactive business owners.  THEIR success is YOUR success!  And that not only makes you LOOK good, but it makes you FEEL GREAT!

How It Works

For all it provides you, BizBench is so easy to use.  Simply input the data from the balance sheet and income statement.   Submit the data, and VOILA!  Your report is ready in seconds.  Let’s do an instant replay in slow motion, and show you all that happened in those few seconds:

  • BizBench calculates 19 additional financial ratios.
  • BizBench compares the raw data and calculated ratios against the North America industry standard for businesses of similar size and industry using NAICS codes.
  • BizBench creates the tables and graphs that compare the company’s numbers against the standards, normalized to percentage of assets for Balance Sheet data, and percentage of Net Sales for Income Statement Data, and ranked by industry percentile for the financial ratios.
  • BizBench runs the “Below Standard” metrics against our Solutions Database and creates Discussion Ideas – comprehensive list of solutions to bring that metric above standard.
  • BizBench compiles the report in an attractive format and creates downloadable Word and .pdf documents for you, including an extensive DETAIL REPORT, and an abbreviated SUMMARY REPORT.

WOW!  How long would that take you to do it yourself!   Once the documents are ready, you an then take a few extra minutes to review the document, adding in any additional insights of your own if you prefer, and deleting any information that may not be as relevant for your particular client.  You can add any additional branding components as well.  (See for yourself all that is included in the report, or download a sample report!)

Look at All That BizBench Provides You and Your Clients!

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Benchmarks client ratios against the powerful database of businesses gathered over more than a decade of working with companies
  • Generates comprehensive analysis reports and easy-to-understand benchmarking reports
  • Generates 20 important financing, operating, efficiency, profitability, and liquidity ratios
  • Provides Executive Summaries that outline a business’s strengths and weaknesses, rank them by industry averages, and detail talking points for discussion
  • Includes the ability to set your own acceptable variances (or use the software’s default of 25%)
  • Identifies performance gaps and generates multiple solutions
  • Runs scenarios to plan future operations
  • Includes templates for a variety of accounting-related letters and compilation and review reports
  • Features the ability to add your business branding to BizBench reports
  • Stores documents by individual clients, including user-prepared files
  • Automatically imports firm, preparer, and client information into forms
  • And much more…

You Are Never Alone with Universal Support

uacUniversal Accounting Center (UAC) has always recognized the value of providing businesses with this crucial financial and business performance data. That’s why, we purchased BizBench software in 2012, and as past users of BizBench, updated the software with a new look and streamlined functionality particularly tuned to the needs of the USER and from a USER’s perspective. Universal has since made the software available online to financial professionals, business consultants, and business executives and owners to help them ensure greater success.

In addition to providing online access to BizBench software, Universal also provides you  training so that you can optimize BizBench’s features and functionality.  As long time USERS and former customers of BizBench ourselves, we have the real world perspective to give you practical and timely help, support and coaching.

What BizBench Users Say:

Many financial professionals have found the software helpful in attracting and retaining clients. W. Mc, a CPA in Pennsylvania explains, “I use BizBench as a road map for client consulting work. The Ideas for Discussion section gives me specific topics I can work on with my clients to address their areas that need the most improvement. I’ve used other products and BizBench is the best by far.”

Another user, David Z., an Ohio CPA says, “We have used BizBench as a selling tool for prospective clients. That is, when we review a prospect’s financial information to present a quote, we have included the analysis with our presentation. This recently assisted us in getting a client with revenues of $36 million.”

Universal enjoys helping financial professionals and business owners not only generate crucial data in building a lucrative business, but in applying that information to ensure greater longevity and success. Call Universal now at 1-801-265-3777 for a free 1 hour assessment of your business situation and how BizBench can help.

Purchase BizBench & Save!

000025859541BizBench is a web based multi-purpose benchmarking financial analysis and consulting tool that instantly identifies a business’s strengths and weaknesses. This report also generates action steps to help them improve those identified weaknesses. Accountants and tax professionals who use BizBench, help their clients identify gaps in performance, so they can create specific strategies that will increase profitability.  Don’t just report their past – SHAPE THEIR FUTURE!

buy-nowPurchase it Now & Save!

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