Why Business Consultants Use BizBench

Oaccounting work 5ffering business executives and owners the tools, resources and feedback they need can be a challenge.  But BizBench provides you the information and a consistent consulting platform you need to be the trusted consultant and adviser they need.

If  business owners look to you for business expertise and advice BizBench provides you a higher level of business intelligence to achieve their business goals. BizBench can give you that additional competitive edge to stand out from your competition.

There are many areas of business consultation, but if you are consulting on any dollars and cents issues, BizBench solidifies your position as an expert.

Business Consultant

Any wise business leader strives to surround themselves with experts.  Either within the company as the CFO, controller etc. or as an adviser such as a part-time CFO, accountant, coach, as the consultant you can break through the noise of the business to give the business leaders the information they need to make more intelligent non-emotional decisions.  Accepting first that accounting is the language of business we next use those numbers to compare the client to the industry standards.  Here are found the financial areas of the business that need attention and with BizBench we also learn what steps can be taken to improve.  With Bizbench you become the Profit and Growth Expert you clients expect.

Venture Capitalist

When considering investment opportunities BizBench gives you the ability to take a clients forecast and compare it to the industry standard to know how the business today and in the future is poised for financial strength. Further remove the guess work with a potential investment, knowing with confidence where the potential in the business model is and where attention needs to be given for a valid investment can be made.

Business Brokers

Whether working with the seller or buyer every business needs to be assessed unbiasedly to help negotiate the sell of every business. Bring to the discussion BizBench so the business can be reviewed based on it’s comparison to industry standards based on NAICS codes. With this clarity you will be able to better advise your client to get the deal they deserve with the sell of the business.

Business Valuation

As part of the business valuation process use BizBench to determine how exactly the businesses financial strength compares to it’s industry standards. This additional report further solidifies the analysis of the business to insure confidence in the numbers being used. BizBench can be the exclamation point to the process and assessment being given.

Used by Banks, Credit Unions and lending institutions to determine the lines of credit. Used by business experts to consult and advise clients. Used by business owners, executives, and managers to prioritize changes in the business BizBench is the report used to excel in business financially.

BizBench provides a complete business analysis with benchmarking data based on NAICS codes. Create profit projection scenarios to help improve a business’s competitive financial position. Provide a custom, professional looking reports that visually compare them to their industry. Determine discussion points that will help business leaders make informed business decisions with action items. Strengthen a business loan application with valuable industry comparisons. Help businesses launch to next level with a clear understanding of industry standards.

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000025859541BizBench is a web based multi-purpose benchmarking financial analysis and consulting tool that instantly identifies a business’s strengths and weaknesses. This report also generates action steps to help them improve those identified weaknesses. Business leaders, who use BizBench, help their business identify gaps in performance, so they can create specific strategies that will increase profitability.

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