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Know the Whole Score 2Many executives and business owners make sure that they produce financial reports so they can know their own company’s score.   But they may be missing critical knowledge and perspective that can only come from knowing the WHOLE score.

Know the Whole Score 3 When you know the WHOLE score you can make better decision on how to play the game.  You may have thought you were doing OK until you understand that you are behind, and need to address a few weaknesses you may not have realized were hurting you.   When you know the whole score, you become more focused on winning the game.

Know the Whole Score 4BizBench gives you the WHOLE score and  provides the next level of business intelligence to take your business to the next level of financial performance.   See how you compare with similar businesses of similar size within your same industry.  You can see by percentile, where stand in 51 Key Performance Indicators including overall profitability and net worth, and how well you are utilizing your assets to create profitability and weatl.  BizBench also provides comprehensive recommendations for improving your business where yo uhav ethe greatest opportunity for improvement.

Know the Whole Score 5Executives within every business need the reports to judge and improve the financial strength of their business. Internal financial reports like the Balance Sheet and Income Statement are critical to understand where the business is, how it got there, and how to improve financial performance moving forward.

But many executives may not look as closely at the vital business ratios that are derived from and add context and meaning to these Balance Sheet and Income Statement data, all which BizBench calculates and includes in your report.  More importantly, BizBench benchmarks key Balance Sheet and Income Statement numbers, plus these important financial ratios against external industry data to give a deeper level of context and meaning.

You will know exactly where your business stands against similar businesses in your industry and what to do about it. BizBench pinpoints strengths and weaknesses, so you can create specific action plans to strengthen your weaknesses and perfect your strengths to improve your financial performance and become an industry leader.

Know the Whole Score 1Empower your entire executive team with BizBench Business Benchmarking Reports.   Get BizBench today to find out where you stand and how to top your league!  Get the WHOLE SCORE with BizBench…and GET IN THE GAME!

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000025859541BizBench is a web based industry specific benchmarking and business performance analysis platform that compares your business in 51 Key Performance Indicators to similar businesses nationwide.  BizBench provides you the tools, training and coaching to take your executive team and your business to the top 10% in your industry!

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