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BizBench Challenge Green 750Bottom line: BizBench Shows Your Clients Exactly Why They Need You.

BizBench attracts new clients and new consulting income because it show your clients and potential clients exactly why they need you with powerful industry-specific benchmarking and in-depth business performance analysis – charted, graphed, explained for you.  But YOU need to run the reports to see for yourself the need.

Start with an existing client.  We’ll be here every step of the way to coach you through how to prepare BizBench Reports and present them.  We’ll show you how to approach existing clients and prospective clients to attract more consulting business and write-up clients.

  • With EXISTING clients, where you already have their financial data – JUST RUN THE REPORT!
  • With PROSPECTIVE clients, you need to get their financial data in order to run the report.
    But don’t worry, we’ll coach you on how to ask effectively.  It’s fun when you know the right thing to say, how to say it, who to say it to, and when.  We’ve got the script that works to get their information a good percentage of the time.

Once you have the information to run the report. RUN THE REPORT!

Once You’ve Run the Report, It’s as simple as 1-2-3-4-5!

City Cycle Detail 2014 Cover1. Review the Report

It will only take a few minutes to review the report and it will usually reveal many things about your client’s business performance you may not already know.

BizBench immediately identifies their strengths (where they are performing in the TOP quartile) and weaknesses (where they are performing in the BOTTOM quartile), those areas of most concern. Most clients have at least several areas where they are significantly below their industry standard and NEED YOUR HELP.   The next step is EASY when you have a really important reason to call!

Business man telephone2. Arrange the Appointment

Once you have an understanding of where they need the most help, and have the greatest opportunity, give them a call.

With EXISTING clients, announce that you have recently implemented a new industry benchmarking and analysis tool, and as a courtesy, you ran a summary report for them at no charge. With NEW clients, simply announce that you have run their free report and would like to meet with them.

With either prospective or existing clients, let them know that you’ve found some areas of great success, where they lead their industry, but that you also have some areas of concern that are impeding their business success that you need to discuss with them at their earliest convenience.  No charge.

BizBench Banner 13. Present the Problems

When you meet with them, give them an overview of the summary report. Begin with any areas where they are above industry standard. Congratulate them for their success in these areas. Explore some opportunities to take things to the next level in these areas.

Then focus on those areas in the report where they are below industry standard, particularly where they have the lowest scores. Let them know that when you noticed these areas you felt a responsibility to get with them, let them know about them. and offer help to get them corrected and back on track. The report and graphic evidence of their problem will give your concern the credibility and sincerity it deserves.   This part was offered to them as a courtesy.

72524044. Outline the Opportunities

When you feel they have accepted your diagnosis and want to improve, outline the opportunities for growth and propose two or three options to work together to resolve the problems and get their business back on track or elevated to the Top 10% in their NAICS code. Include any of the following options or any others you create that may be more appropriate for you and your client.  We have found it most productive to present two initially and negotiate from there, if needed:

  1. Offer to provide the Detailed Report and include your personal one-time one to two-hour consultation for only $???? (whatever you feel is appropriate, we can help you determine this for your specific situation, if you need help).
  2. Offer to provide the Detailed Report, an initial consultation, and ongoing consultation once a quarter for a slight increase in their monthly fee of $??? (again, whatever you feel is the best win/win) or with prospective clients who may need write-up work as well, include it in one win/win flat monthly fee) until you have worked with them to achieve the Top 10% of their industry.

25744939_m5. Confirm and Commit

After they have selected the option that best suits them, make sure to confirm the next step. When and where will you meet? What will you discuss? How often will you meet, if long term engagement is accepted? When and how much will they pay you for your help?


So enroll today and increase your income by guiding your clients into the top 10% of their industry!
Or call us at 877-833-7903 for more details about jump starting your success!

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