Why Tax Professionals Use BizBench

BizBench Gives You a Competitive Advantage with Business Tax Clients

Tax PrepPlan meme If you are a tax professional and have business or corporate tax return clients, BizBench can be a huge boost to your value, your level of service and your income!   Just a few extra minutes of your time can produce an additional annual report in conjunction with their tax return that will give them a deeper understanding of their business.

Q: What’s the difference between Tax Preparation and Tax Planning?

A: January 1!

If you are wanting to increase your ability to not just prepare taxes for your clients, but plan and consult with them to maximize their savings by making the best tax decisions throughout the year, you are more valuable and can also reap the rewards of tax planning and consulting fees.

Accounting - Group at Table aboveBizBench can add EVEN MORE VALUE by giving you a report you can run very quickly in just a few minutes and easily with just some information from your business client’s income statement and balance sheet.  You will have a comprehensive report that will compare how their business stands against similar businesses in the same industry nationwide in 51 Key Performance Indicators, with a comprehensive outline of solutions to improve in areas where they are below the industry standard.

Run a BizBench Report to blow them away with your expertise when you approach them now about planning that will minimize their tax liability for this year, and show them how their business compares overall to others.  Run another BizBench Report for them at the end of the year to show them how they improved since you started working with them.  Run another report to give them when you consult with them on their return and show them the difference your tax planning and preparation has made, to increase their standing in their industry!

YBizBench-Tax-Return-Combo-229x300.pngou can throw BizBench in as a premium, or charge a little more for the value of the information.  Just one or two additional business tax clients will more than pay you back.  But most importantly, as part of your BizBench program, we are here with EXPERT MARKETING COACHES to help coach you and support you in using BizBench to get new Tax Preparation clients and increase your Tax Planning and Consulting income as well!  We have helped hundreds of tax professionals gain more prestige and income with our coaching and support.

Let’s get you started today and set you up for a BANNER year, PLUS help you get additional fees for planning and consulting.

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