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Attract New Clients with BizBench

BizBench is more than just a nifty consulting solution. It also works very well as an incentive
to qualify and attract new clients, as well as a value added service to help you retain
existing clients.

Attract New Clients

More and more, the service of compiling financial statements, and even preparing tax returns are becoming commoditized and price sensitive. Also, business owners are sometimes reluctant to talk about their accounting needs.


They don’t always know what they don’t know. They don’t always understand the numbers and don’t want to be embarrassed. They don’t want to be told what they are doing wrong, and often they don’t want to be accountable. Nor do they want an accountant taking control of their business. These are some of their concerns, however misplaced.


BizBench can be used as an incentive that you can offer to prospective clients – something of value that they are interested in (a single report is $295 if they purchased it themselves). This helps to build a sense of fair reciprocity on their part, when you offer something of value to them for nothing in return.

They are often more open to an invitation to get them into the Top 10% of their industry for businesses their size or at least to get a free benchmarking report to see where they stand competitively in their industry, than they would be to an invitation to take over their accounting.

Of course, in order to do a report, you will need to ask the potential client for their latest annual Income Statement and Balance Sheet. You will find many who do not have them prepared, or may not have had them prepared for some time.



If this is the case, you have discovered a REAL need very quickly and easily. You now have something else important to talk about before you can run their BizBench report.



Don’t worry about trying to figure this out all by yourself, once you become a BizBench user, you will have a BizBench marketing coach assigned to you to help you implement BizBench into your on-going marketing and sales strategy.



Once they see how much VALUE you bring to the table with BizBench, the COST will seem like a wise investment.

Get BizBench TODAY, and let’s show you how to get more clients more easily…with BizBench Business Analysis and Benchmarking Reports.

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Flexible Options

1 month Access

Business Owner/Executive
$ 495
  • Detail and Summary Report
  • Word and PDF Formats
  • One Business
  • Support
  • Internet Accessible

1 Year Access
Course and Support

$ 1490
  • Detail and Summary Report
  • Word and PDF Formats
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Training and Support
  • Internet Accessible

1 year Access

Business Owner/Executive
$ 795
  • Detail and Summary Report
  • Word and PDF Formats
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Coaching, Training and Support
  • Internet Accessible

BizBench Reports benchmark a business against similar businesses in the same NAICS code in 51 key financial metrics using the extensive database of hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout North America.

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