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Don’t just report their past, shape their future – with BizBench!

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BizBench is a coaching solution that you can use to take your consultation to the next level. Imagine being able to implement a 12 month business improvement plan for your client with BizBench. Imagine being able to guide them into the TOP 10% of businesses their size in their industry!

THAT is what BizBench is designed to do for you.  Not only does BizBench open their eyes to how they are doing across 50 key business performance measurements against industry standards, but the real power is in the ACTION PLAN that it gives you to present to and implement with your client.

The key to profitability in your accounting or consulting practice is client retention.  As we have been out there working our accountant students, we have seen that many are able to attract clients away from other accountants who don’t provide the higher value service of consulting.

“My accountant just drops off the financials once a month and tells me to call if I have any questions.  I DON’T EVEN  KNOW WHAT TO ASK!”

Client AfterWe have heard the frustration in the voice of small business owners, and the hope for help they are not getting.  They don’t want to just receive their financials.  More and more they want to fully understand their financials.

Once you get your clients addicted to the amazing experience of understanding their financials and making better and better business decisions, and reaping the benefits in greater profits and owner equity, you’ll have them for life.

  • Create and present an Improvement Action Plan from the BizBench Discussion Ideas.
  • Implement the Improvement Action Plan.
  • Quantify the improvement in dollars and cents.
  • Guide them to the Top 10% of businesses of their size in their industry.

If you show them they are mastering their business with your help, and they improve their bottom line by multiples more than your fees, you’ll not only keep your clients, but they will become your advocates and your word of mouth referrals will grow.

Increase your client retention today, with BizBench!

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