How to Use It and How it Works

For all BizBench provides you to empower you to

  • attract new clients,
  • retain existing clients,
  • maximize your value as a consultant and trusted advisor,
  • and save you time,

BizBench is so EASY to use.

But there’s how it works, and there’s how to make it WORK for you.  You may be asking these questions:

28152659_mHow do I PRODUCE BizBench Reports?

Is it really as easy as you say?
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24339376_mHow do I PRESENT BizBench Reports?

How do I work with my clients or my staff to facilitate business improvement?
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18474975_mHow do I PROFIT from BizBench Reports?

How do I make it PAY?  How do I PRICE it right?   How do I PROMOTE it effectively?
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How BizBench Works – Step by Step

Just log in to your BizBench user account, and following our Wizard, enter some general company information, basic information from the income statement and balance sheet, and VOILA!    You instantly have a comprehensive Detailed Report and Summary Report available to you in PDF.

Let’s do an instant replay in slow motion, and show you all that happened in those few seconds:

  • You submitted the data
  • BizBench calculated 19 additional financial ratios.
  • BizBench compared the data against the industry standard for companies of similar size and NAICS code .
  • BizBench ranked each KPI for the business against by percentile.
  • BizBench created comparative tables and graphs.
  • BizBench formatted the DuPont Model Table and the Altman Z-Score Bankruptcy Predictor
  • BizBench compiled detailed explanations for each KPI, it’s significance, and how the business performed in each, illuminating the data in the tables and graphs.
  • BizBench runs the “Below Standard” metrics against our Solutions Database and creates Discussion Ideas – a comprehensive list of solutions to bring that metric above standard.
  • BizBench compiles the report in an attractive format and creates downloadable Word and .pdf documents for you, including an extensive DETAIL REPORT, and an abbreviated SUMMARY REPORT.

WOW!  How long would that take you to do it yourself!

Let’s get you started with BizBench now and start running your reports TODAY!

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