Balance Sheet Comparison Summary

Assets Liablities MarkerBalance Sheet Analysis – Building Owner Equity

The Balance Sheet Comparison Summary charts the actual dollar amounts for each Balance Sheet category, converts it into a percent of total assets and benchmarks the percentage against the percentage of total assets for the industry standard for both Asset and Liability categories.  This normalizes the report as actual amounts would vary more than the percentages of total assets.

In this sample, you can see that City Cycle is well above average in Current Assets and well below average for Current Liabilities, though Long Term Liabilities are greater.  What else can you see?   How would you advise to pay down the long term debt and increase owner equity in light of Cash & Equivalents being well above the norm?

Can you see how easy this makes consulting your client or your management team on immediate steps that can be taken to improve the financial strength of a the company?

Balance Sheet Comparison Summary Chart Red Note

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