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This final section of the BizBench Detail Report provides a comprehensive list of corrective actions for each area where the business fails to meet industry standard.  This section should be reviewed to select the top 5-10 suggested actions that are most applicable for each are of improvement and would drive the largest improvement for the expense of time and money it may require.

Once you have your list refined and prioritized, you are ready for a productive discussion with your client that will result in an ongoing action plan for them and an ongoing consultation for you.

Imagine presenting a list of solutions to improve the areas of the business that may be inhibiting growth and greater profitability.  Most of the discussion points are very easy to implement, it’s just a matter of prioritizing and tracking improvements.  Many may seem obvious to you, but may not be obvious to your client or management team.  Just think of the time BizBench has saved you by creating this comprehensive list in seconds.

Most importantly, many of them will prompt other ideas of your own.   The first discussion you should have regarding the discussion points is with yourself prior to presenting the report!  There is even an Action Plan Worksheet at the end of this section that you and your team or you and your client can create and implement.  This is critical for buy-in to the solution.

The complete list of Discussion Ideas for the three weak areas of City Cycle entails pages 36 to 42 of the Sample Detail Report.  Feel free to download the complete City Cycle or RC Construction sample detail report to see how complete the list of solutions can be.Discussion Ideas Red Noted

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