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BizBench Presentation Notes and Analysis

Presentation Notes and Analysis

Use these pages from the Detailed Report as notes as you take your client through your presentation of the tables, charts and graphs for the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios analyses included in the Summary Report.


You can use these notes for quick review and preparation yourself, and a primer for your client or management team, if needed, regarding each of the BizBench Report metrics. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Financial Ratios data are covered with simple concise explanations of what each data point measures, what it indicates, and how each ratio is calculated, particularly how they are applied in the report to your specific business, with a full explanation of how your business scored.

Wouldn’t this section help you prepare and present these reports and assist your client or your management team to understand the power of these numbers, and better understand what you are advising, and communicate more effectively with you regarding how to use these numbers to improve the business? Imagine how effective it could be if you are all on the same page speaking the same language – accounting, which is the language of business! Review the samples below to imagine how helpful these explanations could be to help advise your client or management team.


Efficiency Ratios, Operating Ratios, Financing Ratios and Profitability Ratios are also detailed in the BizBench Detail report.

BizBench Reports benchmark a business against similar businesses in the same NAICS code in 51 key financial metrics using the extensive database of hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout North America.

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