Why Bizbench?

BizBench Pays!

BizBench Pays You Back Meme 3BizBench gives you the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to take the actions, for your own company or for a client, that can change a struggling business into an industry leader.

  • Use BizBench as a marketing tool to differentiate yourself and ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS!
  • Use BizBench as a consulting tool to maximize value and RETAIN EXISTING CLIENTS!
  • Use BizBench to SAVE TIME as you prepare comprehensive consultations in minutes!
  • Use BizBench to give you the insight to MAKE THE CHANGES THAT PAY!

Business Improvement Cycle 300BizBench is designed as a powerful tool for those committed to and accountable for the ongoing profitability, growth, improvement and success of business.

If you have that accountability for your own or a client’s business, BizBench can give you the power to accelerate the Business Improvement Cycle.

BizBench adds an additional level of external context and meaning to internal financial data, broken down into 50 key financial metrics, benchmarking each area by percentile against industry standards.

This gives you the power, not only to identify strengths and weaknesses, but to turn weaknesses into strengths, and strengths into industry leadership.

Mature Businessman At WorkCPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Tax Preparers – BizBench gives you the tools to provide a higher level of service and consultation to attract new clients, retain current clients, even create a new income stream.  Do more for your clients than just report their past – SHAPE THEIR FUTURE!


business-ownerBusiness Executives and Owners – BizBench provides you with insight into how your company actually stacks up to industry standards in 50 key business metrics, to identify specific strengths and weaknesses and determine how to improve business performance, profitability, and cash flow.


7252404Business Consultants – BizBench provides you with a consistent platform and structure to take your consultation to the next level. It provides a detailed and extensive analytical report in minutes that will enlighten your clients and increase your value as a consultant. This includes Venture Capitalists, Business Valuation Consultants, SBDC Advisers, and other financial advisers.


What BizBench Users Say:

Many financial professionals have found the software helpful in attracting and retaining clients. W. Mc, a CPA in Pennsylvania explains, “I use BizBench as a road map for client consulting work. The Ideas for Discussion section gives me specific topics I can work on with my clients to address their areas that need the most improvement. I’ve used other products and BizBench is the best by far.”

Another user, David Z., an Ohio CPA says, “We have used BizBench as a selling tool for prospective clients. That is, when we review a prospect’s financial information to present a quote, we have included the analysis with our presentation. This recently assisted us in getting a client with revenues of $36 million.”

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